Having lived in this area for 25 years, teaching for 19 years at Uraidla Primary School— 11 of those as Principal—I know what being part of this community means.  James Parkin*

It takes a village to raise a child – Anonymous.

A well known saying, made popular more recently by Hilary Clinton, is true, and never more so than within the Uraidla Primary School community.  Starting at kindy and moving into our local primary school, families within the district are drawn into community life through their school participation.  Ours is a welcoming community and there are many ways to participate.

At Uraidla Primary School we offer the same broad curriculum as other schools within the region.  The strength of our smaller school lies in:

  • our immense sense of school and community pride in everything we do;
  • our extensive music program. Music is part of school life for all students, whether they are part of the choir, our brass and woodwind ensemble, personal music tuition on campus, the national anthem at weekly assemblies or sing-a-longs and performances at any and every school event;
  • our Sustainability Program, which teaches students/children to nurture and care for the environment and grow produce that they can cook and turn into nutritious meals themselves;
  • all students learning Indonesian;
  • a tradition of strong participation in sport, fostered by close connections with local sporting clubs;
  • our many extra-curricular activities including pedal prix, debating, Chess Club, Readers Cup;
  • our valued year 7 leaders and their mentoring program including the Year 7 council. These students are expected to take a role looking after younger children and students eagerly await their “turn” as the school leaders; and
  • our Restorative Justice approach to conflict resolution: Conflicts between students are an opportunity to learn alternate strategies to manage these interactions and time attending to them is important, however, inter-student conflict is not a big issue for us!

Uraidla School consistently demonstrates very good and improving results in national literacy and numeracy testing which are brought about by our commitment to teacher professional development and a focus on student progress and data.

* Please note: Margie Sarre is acting principal for Terms 3&4 2018.