We welcome all feedback and ask that in the first instance feedback and complaints are brought to the attention of the Principal.


Principal: Ms Margie Sarre

Principal email: Margie.Sarre187@schools.sa.edu.au


Phone: 08 8390 3209

Fax: 08 8390 1048

Street address: 17 Kidney Street Uraidla SA 5142

Partnership: Mt Lofty

Email: dl.0449.leaders@schools.sa.edu.au

Grievances and Complaints

Most grievances and complaints are able to be resolved by the teacher or the Principal.  There may be times when grievances cannot be resolved at the school level and the following information provides details about the school and department policy.

Download this policy for further information on what to do if you have a grievance or a complaint.

Further information can be found here about the DfE feedback or complaints process.