Governing Council

The Uraidla Primary School Governing Council is an active group of parents and staff who provide leadership in school governance, policy development, fund raising and some school priorities.

The parent body, through Governing Council and its committees meets twice a term and sets overarching policy directions and has input into budget preparation, and the Site Plan and School Context Statement.

There are elected sub-committees for: Finance (includes oversight of the school financial position/finances), Information Communication Technology, Parents & Friends, Sports, and Grounds.


The 2019 committee is:

  • Chair: Agnes Arthur
  • Secretary: Aerlie Wildy
  • Treasurer: Brad Wilksch
  • Vice Chair: Jo Cox
  • Members: Margie Sarre (Principal), staff representative (rotates each term), Eirona Johansen,  Claire Schroeter, Jodi Braley, Miranda Hampton, Tim Moore and Emily Brodie-Tyrrell.

Parental involvement is always welcome with an open invitation to attend any or all Governing Council meetings.

Meeting Dates

Meetings are held Mondays at 7.00pm two evenings of each term in Week 3 and 8.