Welcome to Uraidla Primary School

Our school motto, Learn – Stand – Give – Fly, reflects our purpose: to develop a whole child equipped with all the skills to be successful in their learning and their life.

At Uraidla Primary School we encourage our students to:

  • Learn – We want our children to be confident learners
  • Give – We want our children to develop a sense of responsibility with concern for the welfare of others and contribute to the community
  • Stand – We want our children to develop a strong sense of identity, confidence, integrity and feel a sense of belonging
  • Fly – We want our children to develop a spirit of enquiry and adventure, to reach out and take-off.

At Uraidla we pride ourselves on providing a safe, friendly and challenging learning environment for all of our students. With sporting clubs in close proximity and many extra-curricular activities there are many ways your children can grow with us.