woman in tunnelI’d like to welcome you to Uraidla Primary School. I think you’ll agree it’s a pretty special place to be. The first thing you’ll notice is how happy and well-grounded our students are, and how they look after one another and treat everyone with respect. Personal wellbeing and Positive Education underpin our values and we believe that solid trusting relationships are an essential foundation for learning.

At Uraidla Primary we believe that the best conditions for learning are a result of parents, children and school staff working closely together; in other words “It takes a village to raise a child”. Families at our school are fully supportive of the school and are true partners in their children’s education. There are many opportunities for parent participation, whether it’s membership of our Parents and Friends group, Governing Council, listening to students reading in the classroom, driving students to and from events and excursions or supporting the learning program at home. We are immensely fortunate to have excellent teachers without exception. We have a very strong and connected community, and we really value our involvement with local groups such as Imagine Uraidla and the Summerhill retirement village, and our participation in local events such as the Uraidla Show and Sustainability Fair.

We are passionate about learning at Uraidla Primary School. We strive to prepare our students for a changing world, by developing their ability to think deeply, make connections and transfer knowledge, and their capacity to adapt to different situations. We want our students to live by Uraidla Primary’s longstanding motto Learn, Stand, Give, Fly:

  • Learn: To be curious and anticipate challenge by being aware of their goals; learners who question, wonder and succeed
  • Stand: To be strong, self-aware and in control of their actions; mindful of their values, standing up for themselves and others, with a clear sense of purpose.
  • Give: To be community minded world citizens who look inward for their contribution and outward for their inspiration.
  • Fly: To be the kind of learners who strive to go beyond the possible to reach the impossible; celebrating their ‘Eureka’ moments!

We are proud of our vibrant school specialty programs: Music, Science, Indonesian, Visual Art and our Gardening and Environmental Sustainability programs. Learning music is a big part of Uraidla Primary School. We feel privileged to be able to offer students the opportunity to be part of a Junior or Senior choir, to take instrumental music lessons and join our school band, to take up private tuition in piano or guitar, or to learn the drums and join our percussion ensemble.

We are very lucky to have the excellent Uraidla and Hills Kindergarten also on site, and we enjoy every opportunity to integrate with the students attending Kindergarten, so that those who continue on to our school already feel at home in our school.

If you would like to enquire about your child enrolling at Uraidla Primary, please ring the front office to book a Principal’s Tour. I’d be really happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

Margie Sarre