Why Uraidla Primary?

The Uraidla District prides itself on its community focus. But how do you find it and become part of it?

If you live in our district, we are your local school, and it’s through your children’s school friends that you get to know other parents and build connections that will build your sense of community here.  We guarantee it will!

Our Governing Council and parent activities are directed towards welcoming new families to our school community, so if you’re interested in becoming part of the local community, Uraidla school is the key.

Year 1 to 7

Please contact the school on 8390 3209 to organise a tour or interview with the Principal.


For Reception students there is a single starting date and all students starting primary school will start school the first day of term one.

  • Children who turn five before the 1st of May begin school at the start of the current year.
  • Those who turn five after that date begin school the following year.

The new start date will mean that all children will have four terms of preschool (Kindergarten) and four terms of Reception.

Reception Transition

With the Uraidla Kindergarten on site the transition for kindergarten students in Term 4 into Reception is an extension of already busy interactions between the school and kindergarten across the year. However  towards the end of the year dedicated transition activities will include an number of visits to the reception class with lengthening stays each time to include outside play periods.

The school will send an invitation letter to each new student from the school outlining the school visits program.

Starting School

We recommend that families monitor their children during the first few weeks of commencing school and if they appear overly tired negotiate some shorter days or even a ‘day-off’ with the classroom teacher to help smooth the transition to school.

The Reception Transition Pack has been put together to introduce our new Reception students to some of the things that they will encounter at school.  Especially useful for those who do not have older siblings at school, the pack contains items of uniform, flash cards of the Jolly Phonics characters, readers and a reading folder that the children will use, and many other items.