Uraidla Primary School is a small community focused school where we pride ourselves in cultivating a culture of inclusion, challenge and citizenship.  We welcome parent input into the school as volunteers in classes, working bees or as members of the Governing Council or its sub committees.

We plan for a continuity of care in order that all teachers and staff learn the names and get to know all children.  There are agreements through the school so that all teachers use common language to guide literacy and numeracy as well as our social skills program entitled ‘Do This Instead’.  Our Pastoral Care Worker works closely with class teachers and parents to provide targeted social skills programs for specific students as well as leading the ‘Do This Instead’ program.

All students in the school are being trained as peer mediators to help their peers resolve issues in the yard with the support of staff.  Our Year 7 students are given the opportunity to mentor younger students by providing guidance for problem solving in the playground, to foster responsibility and ownership of the school rules and values.  Bonds with kindergarten students are developed across the year with regular joint activities.

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